Semco LLC: Active Chilled BeamsActive Chilled Beams IQHC (high capacity) Series provide high-efficiency cooling/heating and are specifically designed for the loads of North American commercial building applications at hospitals, office buildings, and schools. Five universal 6-inch-diameter duct knockouts with spin-fit collars located in the top or any of the four sides, and universal water-piping connection locations, eliminates hours of site coordination. Each beam snaps into two included mounting brackets. The proprietary 12-slot nozzle is field-adjustable with two easily accessed hand-operated levers. The beams can be installed in a ceiling grid or as a pendant. The 2-foot-wide IQHC is available as two-pipe or four-pipe models, each in four sizes spanning 4- (3,800 Btuh), 6- (5,000 Btuh), 8- (7,420 Btuh), and 10-foot-long (9,700 Btuh) models nominally rated at ½ gpm and ½-inch wg. According to the manufacturer, the variety of sizes offers architects complete flexibility for any type of space size or ceiling heights up to 14 and 18 feet high when utilized for heating and cooling only, respectively. Every beam includes a QR code to provide additional manufacturer website information.

Semco LLC

eProduct 184 

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