WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that it intends to revise the Energy Star Version 4.1 Central Air Conditioner and Air-Source Heat Pump (CAC/ASHP) specification.

A Version 5.0 framework document is available for review and comment, with a stakeholder meeting and webinar scheduled for July 22 to discuss the framework document and address any stakeholder questions about the revision process.

The new federal regional efficiency standards, effective Jan. 1, 2015, are close to, and in some cases equal to, the current Energy Star CAC/ASHP levels. Energy Star said in order to distinguish the top performers in terms of energy efficiency and provide significant energy and cost savings to the consumer, EPA plans to revise the Version 4.1 CAC/ASHP specification.

The new Version 5.0 framework is intended to encourage stakeholder input on EPA’s initial concepts for revision of the CAC/ASHP specification. The document outlines EPA’s perspective on potential opportunities for additional energy savings and questions for consideration. The preliminary framework is intended to encourage feedback from stakeholders, EPA said.

The framework addresses the potential for regional performance levels, the use of additional metrics, and possible new requirements supporting quality installation and maintaining peak performance. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and EPA said they do not anticipate substantive changes to the test method references, but do plan minor changes to better align Energy Star’s requirements with the DOE rating requirements.

Go to Energy Star Version 5.0 framework for more information.

Comments must be submitted to CACASHP@energystar.gov by Aug. 2.

Publication date: 7/15/2013

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