CalSensors Inc.: MEMS Pulsed EmitterThe MEMS Pulsed Emitter (MPE), a broadband source of quasi-black body pulsed light that operates over the 1-20 micron infrared (IR) spectrum, is designed with patented, thin-membrane, thermo-resistive material. According to the manufacturer, with its broadband emission and low-input power requirements, the MPE is well-suited to a wide variety of portable and traditional HVAC applications including demand-controlled ventilation and refrigerant monitoring. The MPE promotes optimizing measurement dynamic range thanks to a combination of attributes that maximize signal output while minimizing 1/f noise. This is possible due to the emitter’s high pulse speed, low thermal mass, fast response, and superior high-temperature capabilities, the company said. When paired with high-performance detector technology, high-measurement sensitivity and signal to noise ratio are achieved, allowing the detection of trace gases with very low parts per million. The MPE offers high-speed pulsing without the need for a mechanical chopper.

CalSensors Inc.

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