BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — Carrier Rental Systems, a leading provider of commercial HVAC portable solutions, announced that it has unveiled a new website after an extensive redesign process. The company said the new site serves the dual purpose of providing a user-friendly experience for Carrier Rental Systems clients while also allowing Carrier to more effectively market its rental products.

Carrier Rental Systems said the new website has a cleaner, more-modern look than its predecessor and features a slideshow that enables Carrier to convey seasonal messages to its customers. Clients interested in renting commercial HVAC equipment will also have an easier time navigating the site and finding what they need. The website offers a look at real-world case studies, rental examples, and unique installations for Carrier rental products.

“The new site provides plenty of product information and other useful material for people who might be interested in renting,” said Tremper Longman, a marketing analyst at Carrier Rental Systems. “We feel that it’s a significant improvement over our old site, and we’re proud to offer potential customers a better online experience that matches the quality of our products.”

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Publication date: 5/27/2013