COLUMBUS, Ohio —Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) announced the members of its distribution and logistics management committee have formed a plan for defining standardized distribution and logistics metrics, which HARDI members can use for benchmarking purposes.

“The other committee members and I are very excited to get this project going. We feel that it will be beneficial for HARDI members to finally have some defined distribution and logistics metrics that they can use for performance measurement,” said Mark Bray, committee vice chair, and director of distribution & logistics, ACR Supply Co., Durham, N.C.

Looking into the future, benchmarking will be the No. 1 priority of the committee, said committee vice chair Greg Toler, vice president, supply chain, Gustave A. Larson Co, Milwaukee. “Measuring and gathering information is not an easy process but a critical factor in determining the strengths and weaknesses of HARDI members,” he said.

Bray, a participant on the vendor scorecard taskforce, said the group is doing a great job determining definitions that best fit everyone.

“We’re hoping that our project can build on the momentum that has already been started with the vendor scorecard initiative,” he said. “I’m learning a lot from this experience, and I foresee a very similar process in getting the distribution and logistics metrics defined.”

The process is expected to be completed in several phases, Bray said, with the first phase coming to find out exactly what people are measuring. From there, they will figure out how they’re measuring, and narrow the selections and definitions in a later phase.

In order for this project to gain momentum, the committee will need input from as many HARDI members as possible, Bray said.

“I think the most challenging part is going to be getting participation in the survey,” Bray said, acknowledging that generating member interest in surveys historically has not been easy. “We really want the HARDI members to play a big role in the development of these metrics and for our committee to really just help lead the way.”

This committee provides a forum for logistical and distribution issues with a focus on optimizing distributor performance and establishing best practices with channel partners. The committee’s goals are to inform members about issues and regulations impacting the distribution/logistics function and provide leadership in affecting necessary change.

Publication date: 5/13/2013 

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