MILWAUKEE — Telkonet Inc. announced that its EcoSmart energy management system will be provided to hospitality customers nationwide through Constellation’s “Efficiency Made Easy” program. The program bundles a multi-year electricity agreement with energy conservation measures, including the EcoSmart system. The cost of efficiency upgrades is included in the price of electricity in competitive markets over the length of the agreement. At the end of the agreement, customers retain the full benefits of EcoSmart energy management.

To date, Telkonet has completed projects at six hotels with Constellation, comprising 1,073 rooms.

Greg Fox, manager, sales-Efficiency Made Easy for Constellation, said, “We always look for new and innovative energy solutions for our customers. Through Efficiency Made Easy, customers can implement technology such as Telkonet’s EcoSmart to better manage energy use — without a large upfront capital investment.”

Gerrit Reinders, Telkonet’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, believes the program makes the process of investing in energy efficiency very straightforward.

“Our clients want energy efficiency solutions,” Reinders said, “but may not have the capital required to pay for upgrades upfront, particularly in the hospitality market. With the Efficiency Made Easy program, Constellation offers us the opportunity to fund upgrades as an operating expense. By allowing hotels to reduce energy usage without committing upfront capital to a large retrofit project, Constellation opens the door to completing efficiency projects for a significant number of customers.”

Telkonet will provide turnkey energy efficiency solutions that include a fully networked EcoSmart energy management system to control HVAC units, lights, and plug loads, the largest consumers of energy in hotel rooms. To maximize impact, EcoSmart also enables participation in demand response through Telkonet’s cloud-based EcoCentral dashboard.

Reinders added, “Constellation has an innovative load response program to monetize investments in energy efficiency. The program allows facilities with EcoSmart energy management to participate in load shed events for financial gain, without compromising room comfort. We anticipate that our respective offerings will change the way that hospitality stakeholders manage energy consumption.

“We’re extremely proud to work with Constellation and applaud its Efficiency Made Easy program,” Reinders said. “The simplicity of the program really does make efficiency easy.”

The Constellation family of retail electricity and natural gas suppliers ( are subsidiaries of Exelon Corp., and are leading competitive retail suppliers of power, natural gas, and energy products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States.

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Publication date: 4/8/2013