SAN FRANCISCO — Cypress Envirosystems and Adura® Technologies, leading providers of energy efficiency technologies, have partnered on an online course titled Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Improve Energy Efficiency. The course, produced by the U.S. Green Buildings Council - Northern California Chapter (UGBC-NCC) and aecKnowledge, provides credentialed maintenance credits for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Accredited Professionals (AP) and LEED Green Associates who need to meet Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) requirements. The peer-reviewed course is designed to give participants relevant and unbiased knowledge about retrofits that increase energy efficiency for a variety of systems.

“We selected the retrofitting course to kickoff this new initiative as it has consistently received some of the best feedback from our members when presented in person,” said Dan Geiger, executive director of USGBC-NCC. “Also, the case studies they discuss highlight practical ways to save lighting and HVAC energy in existing buildings.”

Harry Sim, the CEO of Cypress Envirosystems, said, “Retrofit technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. It is important that LEED-certified professionals know about them and understand how a non-invasive strategy can create opportunities to save energy that would be too expensive or disruptive with traditional retrofit solutions.”

Michael Strogoff, FAIA, founder of aecKnowledge, said, “This course shows design professionals and building owners that the most sustainable strategy starts with making existing facilities more energy efficient. Adura and Cypress Envirosystems teach us that the most sustainable solutions can also be the fastest and most cost-effective to implement.”

The course is one of three currently offered by the USGBC-NCC. The session covers new non-invasive technologies for quick and easy retrofits of lighting and HVAC controls, which reduce retrofit costs by up to 80 percent, said the organization. The technologies include a networked wireless mesh lighting control system, a wireless pneumatic thermostat, wireless steam trap monitor, and a wireless gauge reader. These technologies are designed to improve payback periods to make more projects economically viable. With more than 300 different retrofits completed at a variety of different facilities, Adura Technologies and Cypress Envirosystems provide several real-world examples for the course. The 60-minute video session is taught by Harry Sim, CEO of Cypress Envirosystems, and former Adura CSO, Zach Gentry.

The online format provided by USGBC-NCC and aecKnowledge allows users to watch the video and then take a 10-question assessment quiz. When the quiz is competed successfully, users can self-report participation. A written transcript of the course, learning objectives, presenter biographies, and other materials are also available.

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Publication date: 09/19/2011