Blower Door Video GuideA DVD titled “Minneapolis Blower Door™ Quick Guide” is available. A copy of the DVD is included free with the purchase of any Minneapolis Blower Door. Energy auditors, home performance contractors, and other professionals use the blower door to measure the airtightness level of building envelopes, diagnose and demonstrate air leakage problems in buildings, estimate natural infiltration rates, estimate efficiency losses from building air leakage, and certify construction integrity. A print copy of the Quick Guide and a complete operation manual are also included with a customer’s purchase. The video is available in two parts, each 11 minutes long, on YouTube. Part One shows components, accessories, setup, and how the Minneapolis Blower Door works. Part Two shows how to prepare a house for a pressure test and how to run a one-point pressurization test. Also shown is changing the blower fan configuration using flow rings, utilizing the gauges, and operating using cruise control.

The Energy Conservatory

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