An improved version of the Minneapolis Blower Door™ can be used to measure the airtightness level of building envelopes, diagnose and demonstrate air leakage problems in buildings, estimate natural infiltration rates, estimate efficiency losses from building air leakage, and certify construction integrity. The system comes standard with one precision-engineered calibrated fan, the DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge with both serial and USB connectivity, lightweight durable door frame and panel, fan-speed controller, and automated testing control. For airtightness testing in larger buildings, the Minneapolis Blower Door System can be configured with two or three fans in a single doorway. The Teclog™2 software is designed for multifan and multigauge testing in large buildings. Available accessories include air tightness test analysis software, laptop computer stand, smoke puffer, fan cases, and pressure pans. The blower door is available as a standard system or with a complete kit that includes cables, software, flow rings, flow plates, adjustable door frame, frame case, gauges, and carrying case.

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