softwareAn improved version of the TECLOG2™ data logging software is available and can be downloaded for free. Contracting professionals performing envelope testing or building performance testing can use this software to accurately and quickly help evaluate the airtightness of commercial buildings. The Windows®-based software is designed to facilitate multigauge and multifan testing. It can monitor and store data in real time from up to 16 DG-700 pressure gauges, DG-500 flow gauges, or Automated Performance Testing (APT) devices and provide computerized control of multiple Minneapolis Blower Door fans. APT devices are multiport pressure data loggers. The program provides easy control of data acquisition parameters including sampling rates, auto-zero intervals, and blower door fan flows. The TECLOG2 software includes a new feature to calculate and display multifan airtightness test results. Data viewing capabilities include auto-axis rescaling, adjustable graph scrolling, quick graph zooming, and a moveable measurement line for determining the numeric value and time for individual data points. A statistics utility can be used with stored data files to provide basic statistical summaries for the entire file, or for a user-selected portion of the data. Stored data files can also be exported for analysis in standard spreadsheet and statistical programs.

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