Capture Hood AccessoryDesigned for use with the company’s Minneapolis Duct Blaster® system, the FlowBlaster™ capture hood accessory measures airflow in residential heating-cooling registers with flows from 10-300 cfm. The accessory conditions the flow. It then compensates for pressure loss of the flow conditioners and variations in construction by precisely adjusting the Duct Blaster fan speed to remove the pressure loss. The interactive, patent-pending design adjusts the fan air speed measurement to zero to produce accurate measurements of register flow. The accessory requires the use of a Duct Blaster fan, flow rings, and a DG-700 digital pressure and flow gauge. The complete FlowBlaster kit includes a carrying case, housing, 16-by 16-inch hood assembly, Duct Blaster fan handles; battery-powered controller, holster, and battery charger; coiled cord for power and communication, plastic tubing, and fan connect trim and manual.

The Energy Conservatory

eProduct 185