Residential A/C System Diagnostic Software KitThe HVACR Fault Finder™ (PC edition) software is an accessory kit used to diagnose system issues and display operational history when used with Copeland Scroll™ compressors. Designed to help contractors troubleshoot residential or commercial air conditioning systems, the HVACR Fault Finder software extracts valuable fault-history information directly from Comfort Alert™ Diagnostics or CoreSense™ Diagnostics modules to help guide the contractor to the root cause of system issues. The software kit includes a CD and cable used to connect all existing Comfort Alert or CoreSense Diagnostic modules with a PC, tablet, or laptop. An easy-to-follow connection wizard guides the user through the data download process. The HVACR Fault Finder software further enhances the hardware installed base by providing more in-depth diagnostic insight, such as cumulative counters, compressor run time, and fault history, which will lead to a greater understanding of system operation. The software features three intuitive history screen formats to aid a user in finding the root cause of system issues. Users can gain quick insights into system, electrical, and lockout fault conditions by utilizing the last seven operating days of history, an event fault sequence, or graph of the most frequent codes. All connections are automatically saved and previous files can be accessed for later reference. A hyperlink enables users to convert downloaded data into PDF format and print or email as needed.

Emerson Climate Technologies

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