HANFORD, Calif. — Kings County and Chevron Energy Solutions announced completion of a solar and energy efficiency program expected to reduce energy costs at 23 sites within the county. The program added solar photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on parking shade structures at the County Government Center and Hanford Library, replaced Data Center and Health Administration air conditioning units, upgraded irrigation systems at three locations, and retrofitted lighting fixtures with energy-efficient lamps and ballasts at 21 sites.

The program is expected to cut Kings County’s electrical utility costs by 12 percent at its Government Center and 67 percent at Hanford Library, and reduce carbon emissions by more than 670 metric tons.

This work marks the third phase of a sustainability program that Kings County embarked on with Chevron Energy Solutions in 2004. In phase one, Chevron Energy Solutions installed 10 microturbines, of 60 kilowatts each, to generate power onsite from natural gas at the County Government Center, along with a 175-ton chiller running on the waste heat from the microturbines. Phase one also included installing energy-efficient roofs on four buildings at the Government Center and an energy-efficient chiller at Hanford Library. Phase two, in 2008, included a 1,100-ton central cooling and heating plant, thermal energy storage system, new energy management system, and energy-efficient lighting for the Government Center.

The three phases combined are expected to save the county $12 million over the life of the program at county facilities in Hanford, Armona, Avenal, Corcoran, Kettleman City, Lemoore, Stratford, and at Burris and Hickey Parks.

“Kings County’s sustainable energy future is brighter thanks to Chevron Energy Solutions and its commitment to seeing this project to completion, bringing in the necessary partners such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Bank of America, and Southern California Edison to help provide energy-efficient equipment, project financing, and incentives,” said Larry Spikes, county administrative officer of Kings County. “We are grateful to all the teams involved for their dedication in enabling Kings County to realize the benefits of solar energy without compromising the budget.”

Chevron Energy Solutions designed, engineered, and installed the solar system, and will perform operation and maintenance services. The company also implemented energy efficiency improvements to county HVAC and lighting systems, which are expected to reduce the county’s annual energy consumption, improve lighting quality and aesthetics, reduce maintenance costs, and provide consistent indoor climate quality.

For more information, visit www.chevronenergy.com.

Publication date: 12/3/2012