packaged heat pumps, gas packsTwo NuTone packaged systems — heat pumps and packaged gas/electric models — include all-aluminum microchannel coils for lighter weight, smaller size, better durability, and greater reliability in corrosive environments, said the company. The Q7RD small packaged heat pump features Broad Ocean fixed-torque variable-speed blower motors, Samsung rotary compressors in the 2-to 3-ton models, and Copeland scroll compressors in the 3½- to 5-ton units. The R8GD packaged gas/electric units utilize microchannel indoor and outdoor coils as well as Copeland compressors. Although the length and width remain the same as previous NuTone gas packs, the new models are around 5 inches shorter, up to 20 percent lighter, and use up to 70 percent less refrigerant charge due to the all-aluminum coil technology, said the manufacturer.


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