geothermal heat pumpsThe XT Series Models 024-048 packaged geothermal heat pumps are now standard with the all-aluminum microchannel air coil by Delphi®. According to the manufacturer, the all-aluminum coil utilizes 40 percent less material than a standard tube-and-fin copper/aluminum coil, saving on unit weight, and is also fully recyclable. The design of the microchannel coil lowers air-side pressure drop, which reduces the demand on the unit blower. All models of the heat pump meet the stringent Energy Star® Tier 3 rating. The heat pumps feature eye-level controls, convenient service access panels, an antimicrobial plastic drain pan, and condensate overflow sensors, which protect against corrosion and extend the life of the unit. The quadruple compressor isolation, foamed-in source coaxial heat exchanger, and insulated airtight access panels help reduce vibration and airflow noise.

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