Version 4 of the Bell & Gossett System Syzer® program for PC computers is available. It is an update of a tool for calculating flow rates and pressure drops in HVAC piping systems. The program provides a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and web-based selection tool for engineers, consultants, and designers, the company said. New features include support for PVC pipe, more fluid property information, ASHRAE 90.1 pipe sizing standards, and a library of fittings and valves. It also has a Spanish language option. The Windows™ application includes expanded pipe size calculations through 48 inches in diameter; display of Reynolds numbers, flow rates, relative roughness, and friction factors, along with friction loss and velocity values; a viscosity correction feature that allows the user to adjust for different water temperatures up to 350ºF and varying concentrations and temperatures of ethylene, propylene glycol, and other fluids with known properties; and a balance section with preset and gauge data for circuit setter, large circuit setter, and triple-duty valves. The section also permits calculation adjustments based on fluid type and has a report generator to aid balancing contractors. The System Syzer application is free of charge and can be downloaded at


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