MALTA, N.Y. — The Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) released initial results of its Quality Assurance procedures for proctors and BPI test centers that were implemented Feb. 1, 2012. BPI’s new procedures, including video recording of exams, improved proctor training, and oversight, have had a substantial impact on the enhancement of proctoring and testing services throughout BPI’s network.

Through July, proctors and test centers have administered more than 15,000 exams, of which nearly 600 video recordings were randomly reviewed. Out of the total number of exams taken, BPI received 62 appeals, of which 20 were overturned. Through the use of video recordings, BPI has been able to provide visual evidence that disputes or confirms claims made in appeals, making the process as fair as possible for the candidates. Notable achievements of BPI’s Quality Assurance process include: improved efficiency in conducting a fair appeals process with less room for error via video-recorded evidence to reinforce BPI’s findings following investigations; the acquisition of video clips that offer real-life situations for use in mandatory quarterly proctor trainings; the ability to measure proctors against other proctors using inter-rater reliability studies; and improved communication with candidates regarding appeals and complaints to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Additionally, through this process, BPI has been able to pinpoint and document problem areas, leading to the decommissioning of one test center and one proctor in order to maintain the integrity of BPI’s certifications. A full list of organizations and individuals whose contracts have been terminated, as well as a list of test centers and proctors that have chosen not to renew their contracts with BPI, will be made available this fall.

Publication date: 10/8/2012