WELLESLEY, Mass. and ANDOVER, Minn. — A video released by Riccar Heating, an Andover, Minn.-based HVAC firm, credits its FleetMatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution for leading the local sheriff to vehicle thief suspects and the recovery of that stolen vehicle.

FleetMatics is a leading provider of fleet management solutions used by small and mid-size businesses to manage vehicle fleets. The company offers products sold and marketed under both the FleetMatics (www.fleetmatics.com) and SageQuest (www.sage-quest.com) brands.

The video — which is available online here and produced in a comic-book style creative treatment — captures an actual phone call from Riccar’s Jeff Arent describing how the FleetMatics solution was critical in locating a truck and merchandise which had been stolen.

“After the thieves broke into our office, we used the FleetMatics system to create a report that tracked the route of the stolen truck. We shared the report with local authorities and, ‘bingo,’ it led them right to the suspects. The crooks might have thought they made a clean get-away, but they didn’t realize our truck was GPS equipped. FleetMatics was key in identifying the ‘bad guys’ — a big benefit we did not even expect,” said Arent.

Riccar Heating installed the FleetMatics solution in late 2011 to manage its fleet of 19 vehicles.

FleetMatics offers GPS tracking as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which allows for a low monthly price and regular software updates. FleetMatics systems also integrate easily with the Garmin devices Riccar has installed on its fleet. Riccar managers use the FleetMatics system to monitor the movement of trucks as they travel to customer locations around town.

“FleetMatics is working with companies in all types of industries that are just like Riccar Heating,” said Karen Leavitt, chief marketing officer from FleetMatics. “Whether they are in HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, waste, construction — our GPS tracking provides a rapid return on a minimum investment.”

She continued, “FleetMatics is well known for controlling costs such as fuel, labor, and operations. When our systems reduce risk and improve safety in situations like Riccar’s, it’s an even bigger value-add.”

For more information, visit www.fleetmatics.com.

Publication date: 10/8/2012