Autodesk Fabrication is a set of applications extending building information modeling (BIM) across the building lifecycle to support the fabrication and construction of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) projects. Coupled with the company’s existing BIM software solutions, the applications will further extend BIM to MEP contractors, enabling the use of a BIM workflow from design to detailing to fabrication and installation for building systems. The software for MEP contractors and engineers includes Fabrication FABmep 2013, which helps users fulfill detailing and fabrication requirements in a BIM-based process with Revit software for MEP engineers. The Fabrication CADmep 2013 helps users fulfill detailing and fabrication requirements for an AutoCAD-based workflow. Fabrication CADmep allows users to design and detail in a familiar AutoCAD environment. The Fabrication ESTmep 2013 is a tool to help produce more accurate estimates and cost analysis of building services projects. The Fabrication CAMduct 2013 aids users to control the production of ductwork components for a project through innovative interfaces and comprehensive parametric component libraries. The Fabrication CAMduct Components 2013 is an application that provides additional stations to perform job entry and help speed production throughput. The Fabrication Tracker 2013 supports project management through the ability to help track the status of individual projects and their associated items from fabrication to installation. Fabrication RemoteEntry 2013 helps users quickly address unanticipated job site changes by enabling users to remotely order components based on project specifications directly from the fabrication site.

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