Refrigeration System CondenserThe TrilliumSeries™ refrigeration system condenser uses a patented Dry-Coil Adiabatic™ design that provides up to 18 percent peak energy reduction, uses up to 60 percent less refrigerant charge, and lowers operating costs with a smaller refrigeration system, said the company. With the use of the proprietary logic and sophisticated controls, the On-Demand Adiabatic pre-cooler uses water only on the hottest days to maintain condensing temperatures that typical air-cooled technology can’t achieve, claims the company. The robust microchannel technology’s top feed design with vertical tubes allows for gravity drainage of the condensed refrigerant and also eliminates the need for external manifolding. The high-efficiency, whisper-quiet fan system has high-efficient electronically commutated motors and internal variable fan speed control. The EcoFlex control system optimizes unit performance and reduces energy use; eliminates the need for water treatment; and ships preprogrammed, ready for use.

Baltimore Aircoil Co.

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