The PC2 evaporative condenser is a counterflow, induced draft, axial fan unit that operates between 41 and 2,506 ammonia tons. It has been shake table-tested and verified up to a Supplemental Damping System of 3.75 g, meeting the wind and seismic requirements of the 2009 International Building Code. Premium-efficient motors are standard; variable-frequency drives can be installed at the time the condenser is installed or at a later date. A dual fan option is available on the 12- by 18-foot footprint. The InterLok™ system aligns the coil casing and basin to expedite rigging. The air inlet louvers are sectioned for easy removal and easy access to all basin components. Service features include external motor adjustment with included wrench; a water distribution system that makes service of the nozzles, spray branches, and headers possible without the need for tools; and quick-release toolless strainer.

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