GATESVILLE, Texas — Attic Breeze has announced its newest solar powered ventilation fan, The Grande™ 60 watt model series, which the company said is ideal for large ventilation applications such as warehouses, agriculture, and commercial uses where excessive heat and moisture buildup may result from a lack of proper ventilation. According to the company, The Grande series solar fans provide an effective ventilation solution by continuously exchanging air in a structure throughout the day, and do so at no energy cost, using only the power of the sun to operate.

The Grande 60 watt model series delivers 2,050 cfm of airflow performance, utilizing the company’s proprietary UltraFlo ventilation technology. The fan is made of corrosion resistant zincalume alloy with stainless steel brackets and hardware. The high-efficiency monocrystaline solar panels can be mounted with the standard, low-profile mounting brackets or optional universal mounting bracket system. The solar fans are available in a variety of roof flashings and come with a 25 year commercial warranty.

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Publication date: 7/30/2012