BOURNE, Mass. — Data loggers can provide a wealth of information about a building’s energy use and environmental conditions, but this data is only as useful as the insights that can be extracted from it. Onset has announced a new e-learning course that explains how to perform the manipulations and calculations necessary to convert time-series data to actionable information for energy auditing, commissioning, measurement and verification, and diagnostics.

“Using Excel® to Evaluate Building and System Data,” was developed by Mark Stetz, an energy consultant from Stetz Consulting and author of Energy Professional’s Guide to Data Loggers. The course is intended for commissioning agents, energy consultants, simulation modelers, facility operators, and other building professionals who need to know how to manipulate time-series data from loggers, building automation systems, or utility interval data using Microsoft® Excel.

The self-paced online course is presented in six modules, each with a tutorial followed by an Excel demonstration to facilitate the learning process. Onset said students will learn how to: Calculate energy consumption by time-of-use. Calculate maximum, minimum, and average temperatures for occupied and unoccupied periods. Merge time-series data from different sources. Create and format time-series and scatter graphs that show relationships as a function of time or between variables. Calculate basic statistics on a data set, including histograms and linear regressions.

“With the ability to work at their own pace and repeat any module as needed, users can quickly build their professional skills, and gain the knowledge to work confidently with time-series data from data loggers and building automation systems,” Stetz said.

Participants will earn one continuing education credit through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Prerequisites for the course include a general knowledge of Microsoft Excel, data loggers, building automation systems, and utility interval data. Module Six assumes a basic knowledge of statistics and linear regression models. The course is available from Onset for $95. To sign up, visit

Publication date: 01/30/2012