Supply Vent Filter BagThe company has developed a pre-taped fabric to be used as a supply vent filter bag called The Jimmer. According to the manufacturer, the product’s design solves the problem of debris falling or blowing out of supply vents when technicians are working on air-handler changeouts; duct cleaning; and repairs/replacement of ducts, blower motor/assemblies, and plenums. Also, it can be used to cover return grilles during construction, renovation, or remodeling and to catch debris when cutting drywall in ceilings for new openings. Cutting to size or removing the grille before placement is not necessary; the filter bag is taped over the grilles. The filter can be left up for the entire job even while balancing the system, as it will not affect airflow enough to cause a significant change in water column, said the company. It is available in three sizes: 16 by 16, 24 by 24, and 12 by 28 inches. For larger openings, the company suggests the user overlap the tape lines.

Jimmer Industries

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