Heat Pump Scroll CompressorAdding six smaller-capacity models to the product offering, the range of Performer® PSH heat pump scroll compressors has been extended. The scroll compressors now offer a heating capacity range of 19 to 80 kW (at evap. 19.4°F /cond. 122°/superheat 5K/subcooling 5K), due to innovative liquid injection technology, said the company. The compressor’s 149°F (65°C) saturated condensing temperature allows for safe, hot sanitary water production and comfortable space heating, even with old radiator systems. Evaporating temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) permit the compressor to be applied in colder regions. Compressors in the new range require fewer system components, eliminating the need for a brazed plate heat exchanger, electronic expansion valves, and extra piping, and reducing costs. According to the manufacturer, optimized for R-410A refrigerant, the Performer PSH requires a smaller heat exchanger than systems that use R-407A and as a result, the Performer heat pump takes up less space. An optional, patented surface sump heater with integrated insulation can be installed on new models in the Performer PSH Series.

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