The Micro Plate Heat Exchangers (MPHEs) are designed with a unique channel plate pattern, including a dimpled surface that improves flow across the plate and utilization of the surface area for better heat transfer. They are leaner, greener heat exchangers that contribute to increased energy efficiency and improved environmental performance in chillers, heat pumps, and a variety of industrial applications, says the company. C-range MPHEs are optimized for chillers, to work as condensers or evaporators in air- or water-cooled systems. With capacity up to 550 kW for both single circuit and dual circuit, C-range products are able to operate efficiently at full or part load. H-range MPHEs are designed specifically for use in ground-source and air-source heat pump systems. The channel plate design distributes refrigerant in such a way as to boost seasonal efficiency and ensure efficient operation at full and part load. The units offer complete coverage of the 3-150-kW capacity range. D-range MPHEs are the generic range and could be used in multiple refrigeration and industrial applications. The heat exchangers are designed to operate efficiently year after year with minimal maintenance in a wide variety of industrial applications, from gearbox cooling to fuel heating.

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