SAN ANTONIO — With the weather heating up, Champion AC reports that it has seen a dramatic boost in consumer interest in ductless air conditioning systems. Champion AC has installed approximately 75 single- and multi-zone ductless air conditioning units in south Texas.

There has been a significant increase in ductless air conditioning installation requests, said the company, and it is expected to continue. In fact, Champion AC has averaged approximately 100 website visits per month specifically looking for information on ductless air conditioning.

Ductless systems make up more than 90 percent of HVAC sales in Japan and more than 80 percent in Europe, in comparison to less than 5 percent in the United States, noted the company. But ductless systems show great opportunity because the consumer can cool or heat only the spaces that are occupied and do not have to waste energy conditioning areas in the home that are not being used.

“The majority of our ductless a/c customers are residential homeowners who are renovating garages or making standard home additions,” said Champion AC co-owner Ben Hubbert. “We are starting to install some ductless units in commercial applications as well; however, the tendency of the business owner is for the most cost effective solution initially rather than long term efficiency.”

A room that is most popular for ductless unit installation is the media room. Because there continues to be a trend of garages being transformed into either bedrooms or party rooms, this is another common area where homeowners are interested in installing ductless systems.

Champion AC forecasts at least a 25 percent growth in ductless sales this year. For more information, visit

Publication date: 05/28/2012