PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — Rinnai Corp. announced that it has enhanced its online presence with the launch of a digital resource center and blog called “Think Tankless.” Rinnai said that Think Tankless provides it with a new way to share tankless-related articles, research findings, and energy saving tips with potential customers, while enabling site visitors to post comments and questions for Rinnai and other readers.

“We understand that most of our target consumers turn to the Internet when investigating new home technologies, so it’s extremely important for us to connect with them on the Web,” said Brad Sweet, Rinnai vice president of marketing. “With Think Tankless, we’re able to offer a user-friendly, interactive experience for homeowners, builders, and anyone else looking to learn more about tankless water heaters. By providing valuable information in an easy-to-navigate blog format, Rinnai is engaging with consumers on a new level, and we’re excited by the communications opportunities that are now available.”

Visitors to Think Tankless can quickly find the information of greatest interest to them by clicking on one of the site’s top navigation tabs. The “All Articles” tab allows users to scan the most recent posts, while the “Tankless Tips,” “Efficient Living,” and “Streaming News” tabs lead to more specific content.

The Tankless Tips section features updates on new technological developments, news articles about tankless water heaters, and testimonials from users. This section also includes research findings about the performance and energy efficiency of tankless water heaters in both residential and commercial applications. The Efficient Living tab offers readers advice on how to reduce home energy usage without compromising comfort. While tankless technology will be a recurring subject, the articles will also cover energy saving improvements throughout the home. Under Streaming News, visitors will find a compilation of news items related to home heating and water heating, as well as announcements from Rinnai.

Think Tankless articles can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more by clicking on the social network icons found at the bottom of each post. In addition, consumers can use the right side bar to search Think Tankless for specific information, to find a Rinnai tankless water heater dealer in their area, and to sign up for e-newsletters from Rinnai. Visitors also may quickly reference the top five most active posts on the site and browse by popular categories through a tag cloud.

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Publication date: 04/02/2012