boiler plant controllerFor use with the gas-fired boiler products — KC 1000, all Benchmark, and Modulex boilers — the AERCO Control System (ACS) provides the contractor with the key component to sell a complete combination system consisting of AERCO boilers, SmartPlate, and Buffer Tank, said the manufacturer. It is a flexible controller designed to maximize energy savings in modular boiler plants. The control system can stage and coordinate the operations of up to 32 boilers and is designed to maximize the operating efficiency of condensing equipment capable of unmatched modulation. Eight of these 32 boilers can be designated for domestic heating priority. Another eight boilers may be designated as swing boilers serving domestic hot water and building space heating as demand requires. With individual unit turndown as high as 20:1, a five-boiler plant delivers 100:1 system turndown when staged to operate sequentially. The rugged controller is designed for easy installation with low voltage, twisted pair, shielded wire between the panel and boilers. Fault alarm contacts, automatic system start, two interlock circuits, and the ability to start an auxiliary piece of equipment (at both start and 100 percent load) combine all critical functions of the boiler plant into one reliable control center, the company says. The ACS supports easy integration with Building Automation Software (BAS) or Energy Management Software (EMS) programs via Modbus protocol and RS-232 interface.

AERCO International Inc.

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