With an operating range of 200,000 to 3 million Btu/hr., the Benchmark 3.0 Low NOx boiler features 15:1 turndown to minimize cycling and eliminate temperature overshoot. The boiler also features a stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver the added efficiency benefits of condensing operation. Designed for hydronic heating applications using natural gas or propane, the BMK3.0LN supports sealed combustion and conventional or direct venting. Each 3 million Btu/hr. boiler can operate based on a constant set point, indoor/outdoor reset schedule, or 4-20mA signal. One or more units can be integrated to AERCO’s multiple boiler management system or a facility-wide building automation system. The unit is equipped with a low NOx burner appropriate for applications requiring minimal emissions. Measuring 79”H x 28”W x 64”D, the unit is delivered in a single, fully assembled package that fits through a standard doorway. Pairs can be installed with zero side clearance and the unit supports sealed combustion.

AERCO International Inc.