FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — A new white paper released by ASCO Valve Inc., an Emerson company, titled “Reviewing Technology Breakthroughs: The Insiders’ Guide to Modular Gas Valves,” offers guidance on selecting the proper valve for specific applications.

The white paper, written by Gerry Lorgnette, ASCO marketing manager, and James Chiu, ASCO marketing product engineer, reviews downsizing to reduce the size and cost of gas trains, selecting the most flexible technology, cost savings, and various other benefits.

Fuel gas shutoff valves represent the main line of defense in combustion devices such as burners and boilers. They’re key to the safe operation of equipment for nonresidential comfort heating, commercial and industrial heating, and power and steam generation applications worldwide.

Recent technological advancements offer higher flows, more compact footprints, and greater modularity and flexibility to enable downsizing of fuel train components, as well as broader temperature ranges, higher close-off pressures, more immediate availability, and reduced costs of ownership. The recently released white paper allows original equipment manufacturers and end users to take advantage of these new factors. To download the document, visit http://bit.ly/h0iq7f.

Publication date: 03/12/2012