SWEPCHICAGO — At the 2012 AHR Expo, SWEP has introduced its e-business shop to the United States market.

SWEP noted that its e-business shop has been up and running for six years and is now available to its dealers in the U.S. It features fast and secure online orders, a user-friendly web interface, a delivery scheduling system, and live expert advice from SWEP’s local support.

Martin Pambor, global sales director at SWEP, said “Our global e-business program is now rolled out in the U.S., together with a strengthened warehouse program. This will make it both easier and faster for our customers to distribute our products.”

Pär Björkman, segment manager dealers at SWEP, stated, “We want to provide an attractive offering for our dealers in the U.S. and a reliable e-business site is a part of that. The shop provides a comprehensive overview of our products and accessories and makes it easy for our customers to plan their orders and deliveries. It makes the business of selling brazed plate heat exchangers easy.”

For more information, visit www.swep.net.