IES screenshotCHICAGO — Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is showcasing its energy modeling technology. IES says its VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1 and ApacheHVAC software tools assist in simplifying Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) energy modeling and assessing HVAC systems.

Through a detailed step-by-step workflow, the VE-Navigator makes LEED energy modeling easy and streamlines the LEED analysis and submission process, says the company. It improves modeling efficiency and enables users to model ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 baseline systems more accurately by automating key sizing and system processes.

ApacheHVAC enables users to simulate and review a building’s HVAC system as part of an integrated design process. It integrates with IES’ thermal analysis tool to provide a building-integrated approach where the HVAC system and building are assessed as a whole. This allows heat transfer and thermal mass in the building to be accounted for alongside system performance.

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