Pipe ClampA steel frame clamp, the Hold-E pipe clamp, can secure pipe ¾ to 6 inches in diameter to standard vee head pipe stands. It is a clamp designed specifically for holding pipe during flange fit-up, short pipe lengths, or when fabricating pipe with branches. The Hold-E also can be used with fittings clamped to vee heads for fit-up work. It utilizes a unique quick-release button that allows the welder to open and close the gripping arms in seconds. Operation of the pipe clamp is designed to be quick and simple. Pressing the quick-release button allows a ram weldment to adjust to the opened or closed position quickly. After positioning the ram, a few turns on the feed screw secures pipe or tubing to the jack stand in an instant. No special adjustments are required to accommodate ¾- to 6-inch (19 to 150 mm) pipe.

Sumner Manufacturing Co. Inc.

eProduct 181