Efforts to make CO2 work in transcritical applications got a boost with the announcement the CSC, The Canadian manufacturer of refrigeration systems, will be making a major push in that regard.

According to the website R744.com, the company is showcasing two SmartRef™ products: Eco2system for supermarkets and Eco2system for arenas.

“This CO2 based, patented technology is the new standard in the Canadian refrigeration industry due to its environmental benefits and unique efficiency, as well as for the major energy savings it can generate,” the site said. CSC Group worked with the laboratory Roche to adapt the CO2 system so that it can be used in an ice rink, and Roche was awarded the Leonard Trophy 2011 at the Consulting Engineering Grand Prix for the project Marcel Dutil Arena’s CO2 refrigeration system.

Promoting CO2

The new technology was announced in conjunction with the company partnering with the R-744 (the ASHRAE designation for carbon dioxide) website to promote CO2.

“CSC is proud to join R744.com, in order to inform the national and international refrigeration markets of its existing innovative solutions and the ones to come,” said Serge Dubé, president of Compressor Systems Control Incorporated (CSC).

Eco2system was promoted by the manufacturer as the first and most installed 100 percent CO2 refrigeration system in North America.

Some of the features are:

• High speed low pressure hot gas defrost;

• 100 percent heat reclaim;

• Automatic restart after power failure;

• Compact design; and

• Large capacity racks: up to 400MBtuh in low temp and 1,200MBtuh in medium temp.

Eco2system products for arenas have such features as:

• 100 percent CO2;

• No secondary fluid is needed (no brine or glycol);

• 100 percent heat reclaim;

• Coalescent oil separators;

• Automatic crankcase oil level regulators;

• Large liquid receiver with electronic liquid level transmitter; and 

• Hermetic liquid CO2 pump.

CSC builds and commercializes integrated refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating control systems for the commercial and industrial food industry, as well as arenas. CSC’s technologies also offer building ventilation, dehumidification, and water.

Government Help

In a related announcement, Chief Canadian Government Whip Lucie Charlebois announced a $255,400 government investment in the CSC technology. The investment, the government said, will help support CSC in its efforts to develop CO2 refrigeration projects such as the system installed at the ice-rink arenas. CSC has received Canadian certification and plans for commercialization of ice-rink CO2 technology.

According to Ms. Charlebois, “In addition to being innovative, the refrigeration system answers Quebec’s environmental concerns. The innovation plays a key role in achieving our sustainable development objectives, in particular with regard to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We must deploy ever more inventive means of protecting the environment in order to guarantee a healthy future for generations today and in the future.”

The investment in CSC is part of Québec government aid set aside for technology showcase projects, and comes under the R&D and innovation program of the Ministry for Economic Development, Innovation and Export (MDEIE).

Publication date: 12/12/2011