inspection cameraThe VIS 340 Plus inspection camera system features dual camera heads, giving professionals more flexibility when troubleshooting. The camera system comes with both a 1½-inch, 360-degree pan and 180-degree-tilt camera head, and a 1-inch straight camera head. Both camera heads are waterproof and come with brilliant LED lights. The camera system can be used to analyze defects in water pipes and inspect flue-gas lines, chimneys, air conditioning lines, heating lines, ducts, welding seams, gaskets, manholes, etc. The user can follow the camera’s path on its TFT color monitor and watch it glide around 90-degree bends. The camera system’s digital distance measurement feature can be used to pinpoint the exact location of trouble spots along the way. Features include the ability to record, save, and replay the inspection for customers on a laptop. The inspection camera set comes packaged in a tough, self-contained carrying case.

Wohler USA

eProduct 186