Wohler USA Inc.: Photo and Video Inspection CamerasVisual Inspection Camera models VIS 250, VIS 350, and VIS 400 have been added to the company’s product line. The VIS 250 offers a clear view when space is tight. Its flexibility allows it to negotiate bends and turns easily. Its integrated locator transmitter precisely pinpoints damage. The camera can be used for analyzing household wastewater pipes of 1 ½ inches in diameter and larger dryer vent systems, ventilation lines, hollow spaces (e.g., in front-wall installations), and flue gas lines. The VIS 350’s home function helps the user maintain a sense of orientation when troubleshooting, and the position of the camera head is indicated on a vibrant display. It comes with two rechargeable batteries. The camera can be used to inspect wastewater lines, house connections, flue gas systems, ventilation lines, false ceilings, etc. The pan-and-tilt camera head on the VIS 400 provides an all-encompassing view. It comes with a carry strap and pouch with anti-glare protection. The VIS 400 is part of a modular system so users can choose individual components to meet their specific needs. It can be used to inspect flue gas systems, chimneys, building drains, house connections, ventilation systems, etc. Still photos and video can be taken with the three cameras. The cameras have three recording options: USB, VHS, and SD card.

Wohler USA Inc.

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