The enhanced VIS 340 Series inspection camera provides a digital memory capability to an advanced camera system equipped with a pan and tilt camera eye for use in a range of dark, confined job spaces. The camera system comes standard with a built-in RCA video output and an integrated SD card for documentation. With NiMH battery packs, the camera system can be used for up to 90 minutes of continuous operation. The VIS 340 has a 180-degree pan and 360-degree tilt camera eye technology, which provides a detailed interior view into vents, chimneys, pipes, air ducts, and a whole host of other confined areas before, during, and after construction or for maintenance. The waterproof camera head itself is 1½ inches in diameter, making it able to fit into all but the smallest spaces, and the unit’s 100-foot flexible cable (able to negotiate 90-degree bends) allows plenty of length to probe deep into confined spaces. The camera system’s innovative design provides super-bright lighting. Interior view images appear on the unit’s widescreen thin-film transistor monitor, which comes contained in a heavy-duty carrying case for ease of transport and use. The system’s digital distance measuring capability has a resolution of 0.05 feet, pinpointing exact distance.

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