ORLANDO, Fla. — Shaw Mechanical Services LLC has secured and started work on a $2.9 million dollar contract for mechanical services for the new Westridge Middle School in Orlando, Fla. Shaw Mechanical’s scope of work includes furnishing and installation of new HVAC equipment and energy management controls for a six building campus including 400 tons of chillers and 15 state-of-the-art ice storage tanks.

The ice storage design allows the chillers to run during “off peak” demand when the utility rates are at their lowest while during the “on peak” hours the ice melts providing the necessary cold water and allowing the chillers to be in the off mode. Shaw Mechanical said this system results in significant annual energy savings and quick payback for the owner.

This Orange County Public School project is being built by general contractor Charles Perry Partners Inc. (CPPI) of Ovieda, Fla. The architect is Zyscovich Architects of Orlando, Fla., and the engineering design is provided by SGM Engineering of Orlando, Fla.

Publication date: 12/05/2011