soft start controllersDesigned for customers who require reliable and efficient soft starting, the DS7 line of compact, high-performance, soft start controllers provide smooth acceleration and deceleration of the load. The smooth acceleration and deceleration of the load minimizes shock to mechanical components, extends the life of the system, increases reliability, reduces downtime, and lowers costs, the company said. Designed for pump, fan, and conveyor belt applications, as well as water/wastewater and HVAC industries, the soft starters reduce the demands made on a motor during start-up, resulting in reduced energy requirements. The soft starters have an integrated bypass relay. The controllers are available for current ranges from 16 to 32A. With an asymmetric delay angle control, the DS7 units help make torque behavior similar to a three-phase starter. They can take 24vdc or vac or 110V/230vac. They are also Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved.

Eaton Corp.

eProduct 184