pressure and flow gaugeThe DG-700 pressure and flow gauge, a multifunctional differential gauge with two independent measurement channels, has been improved. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for a wide range of building performance testing applications including airtightness testing, exhaust fan flow measurement, air-handler flow measurement, building pressurization and combustion safety testing, as well as static pressure and velocity measurements using a Pitot tube. The gauge operates over 100 hours on regular alkaline batteries and has a two-year warranty. It comes standard with both a mini-USB and serial port connectors. According to the manufacturer, the USB connections work best when the gauge/computer distance is 30 feet or less; serial connections allow longer distances (up to 500 feet) without signal degradation. This flexibility means both gauges can be as close as possible to the pressure measurement point without hoses or tubes that can create pressure variations; better measurement signal integrity means more accurate readings.

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