Luxaire AcclimateIntroducing microchannel coil technology to the Luxaire brand of Acclimate Series of air conditioners, the newest unit in the series offers 16 SEER/13 EER. According to the manufacturer, the next generation of tube and alloy advancements provides improved performance in heat transfer and durability. The control board is compatible with the new Luxaire Acclimate residential communicating control, which further enhances the efficiency of the 16 SEER unit. The control communicates with all key components in a home comfort system, providing total system integration. The 2- to 5-ton capacity range includes both 2.5- and 3.5-ton units, to meet any system application. Acclimate 16 SEER units have a full-end, full-service access panel with a handle, providing installers and service technicians easy access to internal components. A slide-down control compartment and angled service valves further reduce installation time and costs. Features include a swept-wing fan, composite base pan, isolated compressor compartment, electronically controlled fan motor, and single-stage compressor in a system engineered to reduce overall sound to a whisper.

Johnson Controls – Unitary Products

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