The York® Affinity™ YZH Series 18 SEER split-system heat pump offers exclusive hot heat pump technology that generates discharge air temperatures similar to those of a gas furnace, reducing the feeling of “cold blow,” says the company. In the event improper operating conditions occur, the unit automatically shuts down to protect its refrigerant system and switches to backup heat. Onboard diagnostic LEDs then guide the technician to the source of the problem and an output signal, provided from the control to the thermostat, alerts the homeowner. The control also features nonvolatile memory, which preserves fault codes in the event of power loss. An anti-short cycle timer extends the life of the compressor by preventing short-cycling. Providing complete system control, all models utilize an exclusive microprocessor featuring a demand defrost control system. Defrosting cycles occur only when necessary, and an adjustable balance point ensures supplemental heat is supplied only when required to meet the space load. Features include use of R-410A refrigerant; the QuietDrive™ System, where the swept-wing fan, composite base pan, isolated compressor compartment, and two-stage compressors work together to reduce overall sound to a whisper; and a slide-down control compartment, which allows easy access to control components, says the company.

Johnson Controls, Unitary Products Group, Attn.: Mickey Smith, York Brand Manager, 5005 York Dr., Norman, OK 73069;

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