Service Truck BodyA service truck body has been added to the Durashell fiberglass composite utility body lineup: the Durashell 370. It provides 370 cubic feet of internal storage space and can be transferred, fully loaded, from one pickup truck to another in minutes. According to the manufacturer, the body is unique because there are no holes drilled anywhere in the bed of the truck as it uses four corner tie-down clamps to lock the body in place by clamping under the bed rail. It can fit in on GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan vehicles. The bodies offer over 6 feet of internal height and 12.5 feet of internal length and features a 57-inch extra-wide rear entry door. Features include customizable interior/side access and two interior dome lights and a third brake light. The exterior has a white gel-coat finish and hidden stainless steel hinges and door hardware. The interior has a smooth rolled-on gel-coat finish with laminated mounting frames throughout, providing easy customization.

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