The Load’N’Go Lowboy truck toolbox incorporates the Load’N’Go’s ability to be easily transferred from one vehicle to another, while being light enough to be utilized in the ½-ton pickup truck. The toolbox provides security. The steel toolbox with padlockable T-handles can be taken off in minutes and left in a secure garage instead of leaving it in the back of a truck. It not only keeps tools safe from theft but allows them to be kept on a jobsite for other employees to use. Features include large side compartments with durable piano hinged diamond plate lids, slide-out parts drawer, built-in forklift tunnels for easy transfer, jack receptacles, and bed liner on floor and interior side walls. The toolbox can be utilized in new or existing used truck fleets. Models are available for both long-bed and short-bed pickups.

Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies, 1320 S. Priest Dr. #101, Tempe, AZ 85040; 866-497-7200; 480-736-8800; 480-736-8804 (fax);

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