dehumidification and a/c unitA smaller version of its DuCool unit, the DuTreat Narrow dehumidification and cooling unit utilizes liquid desiccant technology to simultaneously cool and remove humidity directly from the air, delivering energy savings of 30 to 50 percent. It can fit through tight clearances and be easily installed in a variety of compact spaces. The unit cleans air and eliminates odors without disposable filters in each pass (80 percent removal of particulates/91 percent of airborne microorganisms). It controls temperature and humidity independently for any sensible heat ratio. DuTreat Narrow cools spaces 4,000-6,000 square feet and weighs between 495 and 525 pounds. According to the manufacturer, the company’s liquid desiccant technology is unique because, in addition to being energy efficient, it is a natural disinfectant. The salt solution removes almost all airborne bacteria and microorganisms in a single pass and eliminates the need for drip pans or coils that often produce algae and bacteria buildup.

Advantix Systems

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