sensorsThe MS4515 Series of pressure sensors for low-pressure measurement ranges is a ceramic-based, PCB-mount pressure sensor using the latest in CMOS signal conditioning circuitry to create a low-cost, high-performance sensor, the company says. With an analog or digital output, the sensor is available in various calibration ranges between 0-2 inches H2O up to 0-30 inches H2O. The analog version, MS4515, provides a ratiometric voltage output, while the digital one, MS4515DO, provides a 14-bit digital output for pressure and 11-bit output for temperature in an I2C or SPI protocol. Both models are fully calibrated and compensated with a total error band of less than 1 percent over the compensated range. The sensor operates from a single supply of either 3.3 or 5 vdc. A low-power option is available. The sensor is available with single or dual side ports, top ports, or manifold mount in a gauge or differential configuration. Another feature of the sensors is the 1/8-inch barbed pressure ports that mate securely with 3/32-inch ID tubing. Typical applications include blocked filter detection, altitude and air speed measurements, medical equipment, fire suppression systems, etc.

Servoflo Corp.

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