thermostatWith an intuitive user interface, the ComfortLink™ II thermostat features a 7-inch, high-definition color touch screen, which allows homeowners to control and provide the ideal temperature and humidity 24/7, says the company. Via a customizable screen feature, homeowners are able to program as much information as they want to see on their thermostat, including the status of IAQ, humidity, and individual room temperatures. When the thermostat is not in use, it defaults to a screen saver that can complement the look and feel of a home’s décor, or can be used as a digital picture frame. Homeowners can receive a five-day weather forecast with a radar image and weather alerts for their ZIP code, so they know how to dress for the day or for travel. The built-in Dual Fuel Calculator determines the most economical outdoor temperature at which to change over from heat pump to gas furnace operation, minimizing energy usage and lowering utility costs. The built-in diagnostics pinpoints problems and provides a list of possible causes. Current and past system fault codes are stored onboard the thermostat with time and date stamps, to help with determining when abnormal operation is occurring. Technicians also can log system data on the SD card over a period of several days and then upload the data into the diagnostic software that was developed for advanced troubleshooting by the local distributor or factory technical support representative.



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