water heaterThe Innovation line of water heaters is available in three sizes: 600, 800, and 1,060 MBtuh. The durable, highly efficient helical firetube heat exchanger is time tested to be impervious to thermal stress for an extended life. The all stainless steel construction maximizes longevity in the condensing application and the corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area for optimal thermal efficiencies up to 99 percent. Enhanced waterside flow distribution maintains constant minimum velocities across the heat exchanger, keeping solids in suspension and greatly reducing scale dropout to maintain high-efficiency performance and long life. The advanced control system incorporates dynamic feed-forward sensing for precise modulation of its high turndown air/fuel delivery system. With up to 20:1 turndown, the water heater takes maximum advantage of its thermal efficiency, eliminating wasted fuel and reducing operating costs. The tankless design gives the ability to operate the system with set points of 120°F or below. According to the manufacturer, minimal water volume and maintaining continuous circulation through the unit virtually eliminate the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.

AERCO International Inc.

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