The SmartPlate line of water-to-water heaters helps reduce system energy costs by utilizing innovative brazed plate and plate and frame designs uniquely suited for use with high-efficiency condensing boilers, says the company. The water heaters are capable of supporting up to 90 gpm domestic loads at a 100°F rise. The fully packaged, instantaneous heaters incorporate real-time load tracking capabilities and responsive controls to maintain accurate hot-water temperatures under diversified load patterns common in commercial and institutional applications. Each heater utilizes a counter flow, stainless steel, brazed plate, or plate and frame heat exchanger in an instantaneous design that eliminates the need for storage tanks and blending valves. Features include a proportional integral derivative temperature controller and a high turndown, electronic control valve to maintain ±2° temperature control when operated under constant load conditions with variances held to ±4° under normal load changes.

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